Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Searchin for Angels

Last evening, while walking down to my room something struck me.. i looked up to heavens and asked the question breeding in the corner of my heart since last few weeks
the stars kept shining, as if they they were expecting it and were amused. Well... its the first time i look around and do not find an angel next to me, so i wasn't that amused.

Over the years there was one thing that never changed in my life. No matter how things were going there was always someone standing next to me? This person has been with me through the toughest challenges and the greatest successes. Sometimes the face changed, but rest assured someone was always there. Noticing this trivial change I concluded that I was blessed and that the “Powers that Be” decided to make sure that I never have to face life alone, hence I called these people ( commonly known as friends) as my Angels. And over the years these angels have watched over me to make a world away from home, introduce me to music, spiritually, how to love and then how to mend a broken heart, literature, unconditional loving, and pursuing perfectionism and even taught me Photoshop. I stood up to adversities and kept going on when there was no hope left.

I will not say that they changed my life, because that’s an understatement. The reality is that they have shaped my life and me as well. I look at myself and I see that it’s just not me anymore; there is more than what others can see. They say that a man’s true identity is known by the company he keeps. Well… I can say that in my case it goes beyond that. I am a reflection of all my friends, those who are still with me and those who aren’t anymore.

To all my angels, Anup, Manish & Manish, Madhu, Sangeeta, Shilpa, Sneha, Vasanth, Nisha, Punit, Ankita, Anuradha, Mahish, Ajay, Ramya and Nithi, you will always be a part of me.

Thanks for everything

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  1. nice blog senior... gr8 embellishments in the words used to xpress ur thoughts...