Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blast from the past

Few days back i happend to contact an old friend of mine from school days. She had to leave town unexpectedly and we sort of lost touch after that. it was jus fate that we could ever speak again, after SIX an HALF yrs!!!

and the most beautiful part of the conversation was that in a few seconds both of us forgot that we have been out of touch for more than half a decade and over a thousand miles. she was still my best friend and it was still yet another chat over the phone as we used to do yrs back.....

some of us fail to see the beauty of it, some thing so simple yet so wonderful. all of us had had fair share of people around us, a lot of close friends. we all had to let go of someone over the time for reasons ranging from inevitable things like transfers to meaningless misunderstandings.

Most of us never get to say a real good bye coz the idea of being "FRIENDS FOREVER" is too tempting. but gradually we all loose contact and our closest friends jus become part of our memories as new people come to our lives. we hardly think about them once in a blue moon and wonder whatever happened to them.

i think it was Ford or someone who once said " if i have two best friends near my deathbed when i die, ill die as the richest man on earth" how many best friends have u lost through out your life?